Protect coach passengers from fire
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FOGMAKER protecting specialised purpose-built vehicles (SPBV)

SPBV’s are designed and equipped to operate in rugged, high risk and often explosive or volatile environments. Although these vehicles are structurally designed to protect their occupants from external threats, the danger of an external or internal fire could result in the vehicle being stranded, the occupants being trapped inside or them having to vacate the vehicle and expose them to the situation in which they operate. Remove the element of surprise with FOGMAKER’s automatic fire detection and suppression system. Protect your fleet and your employees by installing our reliable fire suppression system to cover your vehicle's engine compartment, tyres and internal operator cabin.

Since these vehicles engine compartments are often enclosed and encapsulated with bullet proof steel to protect them from explosive devices, the engine compartment operates at higher temperatures increasing the risk of an engine fire. A Molotov petrol grenade or Molotov cocktail thrown to target the vehicle's tyres needs to be quickly neutralised before the fire develops to a point where a tyre fire is almost impossible to extinguish. An ignited engine or tyre fire could strand the vehicle or spread to the internal operator cabin and rapidly lead to a disastrous series of events.

FOGMAKER’s automatic fire suppression system with several manual activation options ensures that the operators and occupants of SPBV’s have the peace of mind to focus on their critical mission.

At FOGMAKER South Africa, our objective is to protect your valued assets, your personnel and the environment in which they operate

Fire suppression for military vehicles
Installation of Fogmaker fire suppression system