Fogmaker for port and harbour equipment
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FOGMAKER protecting port and harbour material-handling equipment

A fire in material-handling equipment can be devastating since there are large quantities of diesel and hydraulic oil in the immediate area. Most fires start in the engine compartment. A fire in an engine compartment may occur unseen and often leads to a very rapid and destructive course of events. It is almost impossible to suppress with a portable extinguisher.

Container, harbour and intermodal freight operations are extremely sensitive to unscheduled downtime. Reach stackers, container handlers, forklift trucks, cranes, terminal tractors and loaders often operate in shifts and a whole shift can come to a standstill if one of these vehicles is out of action.

FOGMAKER’s water-mist system protects engine and hydraulic compartments. FOGMAKER is automatically activated on detection of a fire, but also has a manual option, unlike other fire suppression systems. The control panel makes it possible to shut down the engine, main power switch and fuel solenoid. The versatility of the system is complemented by its high efficiency and reliability.

Fire prevention in forestry machinery
Fire prevention in forestry machinery