Fogmaker for genset fire protection
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FOGMAKER protecting gensets

Industries that are dependent on uninterrupted power to ensure continuous operation will understand the necessity of a completely reliable back-up generator (genset).

Like any machine driven by a diesel engine, a genset is at risk of a fire resulting from the failure of a fuel or oil hose. Should this happen, the lost production due to downtime for repairs would be costly, if not catastrophic.

By installing FOGMAKER’s automatic detection and fire suppression system, you’ll be ensuring continued power supply to your critical operations. In most electrical applications like GENSETs, FOGMAKER makes use of de-ionised water, which does not conduct electricity, to prevent electrical shorting and damage to delicate electrical equipment. With every installation.

At FOGMAKER South Africa, our objective is to protect your valued assets, your personnel and the environment in which they operate

Fire prevention in forestry machinery
Fire prevention in forestry machinery