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FOGMAKER protecting buses & coaches

It is well known that the increased demands on reduced emission levels have led to higher fuel pressures and increasing temperatures in engine compartments. Combined with time-critical service demands for bus operators, the risk of a fire starting in an engine compartment has increased dramatically.

A fire in an engine compartment may occur unseen and often results in a very rapid course of drastic events. It is almost impossible to suppress with a portable extinguisher. FOGMAKER is automatically and manually activated, although the second is an option which can be deactivated. The manual control panel makes it possible to shut down the engine, main power switch and fuel solenoid. The versatility of the system is complemented by its high efficiency and reliability.

The first fire suppression system to receive R107 Approval.
As of January 2019, all new coaches and double-decker buses throughout the European Union must have a permanently installed fire suppression system fitted in the engine compartment. These regulations will apply to long distance as well as city buses as of 2021.

At FOGMAKER South Africa, our objective is to protect your valued assets, your personnel and the environment in which they operate

Fire suppression for buses
Prevent fires in coaches wth Fogmaker