Fogmaker for airport ground support equipment
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FOGMAKER protecting aircraft ground equipment

Engine fires that erupt at airports are a massive risk to human life, property and machinery. These fires can lead to devastating financial and operational consequences. Machinery such as GSE (ground support equipment) at all airports is at high risk and requires extra protection against the threat of fire.

Today's regulations in most countries stipulate that it is compulsory to have automatic fire suppression systems installed in all industrial machinery. Prevention is the only way to manage the threat of a fire and protect lives, the environment and valued assets.

FOGMAKER’s water-mist system protects engine and hydraulic compartments. FOGMAKER is automatically activated on detection of a fire, but also has a manual option, unlike other fire suppression systems.

The control panel makes it possible to shut down the engine, main power switch and fuel solenoid. The versatility of the system is complemented by its high efficiency and reliability.

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