Fire suppression with high-pressure water mist for all engine compartments and closed spaces

Typical Areas of Application

Whether in a bus, coach, truck, marine vessel or in specialised machinery, an engine compartment is narrow and hot, with many potential fire hazards. A hot engine shares a limited space with hydraulics and fuel tubes, electric installations, compressors and heaters, all of which individually constitute a fire hazard and collectively a potential disaster.

The course of a fire in an engine compartment is often fast and difficult to suppress with only a hand extinguisher.

Fogmaker high pressure water mist is very efficient for extinguishing fires in closed compartments. The water mist gives an immediate choking and quickly cooling effect. A unique feature of water mist is that it fills the entire engine compartment and accesses fire beds outside the direct spreading area of the nozzles.

The water mist’s ability to quickly extinguish the fire limits the amount of damage in the engine compartment. With our hydro pneumatic fire detection, the suppression system works with the same effect even when the electricity supply is disconnected. The system efficacy is independent of orientation, so should the vehicle or vessel be involved in an accident and is on its side or up-side-down, the system is still effective.

Fire re-ignition is prevented by the adding of a small amount of foam to the water mist which lies over the entire motor compartment like a choking blanket. The extinguishing fluid that is generated from the water mist is environment friendly and it is easy to wash away.

Re-setting a released suppression system is often simpler, easier, faster and much cheaper compared with powder or foam suppression systems.

Our system has proven its reliability and durability for the demanding environments of mines, marine, military, forestry.

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Safegaurding your mobile and planted assets - a fire on your harvester could spread to your plantation

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Specialised Machinery

Tough environments require a tough fire protection system.

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